Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 3 - Too cold to do much

No concrete happened this week and neither did much else — my guess is that the cold had something to do with it. The temperatures were in the teens and the single digits all week. Still, I’m amazed at what the crew accomplished despite the frigid temperatures.

Kinda looks like a trash dump at the moment, but if you look closely there are a couple of interesting things to see. Look beyond the tarps; they are just protecting the foundation from the snow flurries we’ve been experiencing. You can see what appears to be a layer of dirt deposited into the EPS foam container; this is actually more of the structural fill. Underneath the structural fill are buried the sewage lines and water piping to the kitchen (to the right, in black) and the first floor bath (toward the back, in black). The new white pipe off to the left is the radon mitigation pipe that will run up to the attic. This pipe connects to a series of perforated pipes imbedded under the structural fill that will serve to collect any radon gas that might build up under the concrete floor and vent it to the roof. The gray piping in the middle is the conduit to the electrical panel.